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Alaka’i Development is a Hawaii-based residential development firm, whose mission is to meet the need of Hawaii’s housing shortage by developing quality rental residences. Alaka’i (ah-lah-kah-ee) means “to lead or guide” in the Hawaiian language. The description characterizes the principals of Alaka’i Development and serves as a compass in the vision of each project as we create meaningful places to live. With a decade of experience working together, our team of real estate professionals is focused on leading Hawaii to a smarter future where rental housing becomes a meaningful component of the State’s housing stock. The team’s history of successful public-private partnerships, cost-effective solutions, environmentally conscious building, and unwavering integrity makes Alaka’i Development trustworthy partners who achieve success by improving the built environment.

 Core Values

At Alaka’i Development, our core values guide us. Partners, lenders, and any group associated with Alaka’i Development can expect results that will exceed expectations and predictably honorable interactions. At Alaka’i Development:

1. We make a positive impact in an honorable way
2. Passion drives us, communities inspire us
3. Partnerships are the foundation of our success